ViTO 2

A tool for homology modelling and protein family study

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ViTO2 is a rewrite and a merge of ViTO and TiTO tools. It is available as a GUI tool and a command line tool.

Main handled file formats are PIR for alignments and PDB for protein structures.

As a graphical tool, it interactively allows to modify sequence alignments (some sequences having an associated experimental structure, used as template) while displaying the generated protein model and evaluating the model quality through potential of mean force (PKB) score.

As a command line tool, it can generate a PDB 3D protein model from existing structure and a given PIR alignment, also computing PKB score on the model.

Vito2 is also integrated as protein alignment refining tool in the @tome platform.


Download GUI version, console version, and installation documentation (french version).


These steps apply after downloading and installation on your own computer. To start Vito2 directly from this page, see this section.
In any case, Java 7 or higher is required.

GUI version

From desktop, double click on vito2_gui.jar in the installation directory.
Alternatively, from command line :

Command line version

From command line :

Command syntax is (you can get it by simply running vito2-console with no argument) :

Web start

Click here to start ViTO2 now.

Java security settings may prevent you from starting this way. To solve this :


GUI main window

Console output

Example session of the command line version :