ViTO Art Gallery


This file contains pictures created with ViTO and the macro commands that were used to produce them. The quality of pictures might be less than the original one because of the WEB browser.

Cartoons colored by secondary structures.

The macro commands used were:

With pdb1h4z;
select *;
color ss;
wireframe off;
catrace off;
cartoon on;

Same picture as above but with spacefill representation added.

The macros commands used were:

select 120,130;
spacefill on;
color cpk;

Same as above but the following commands ahave been issued

select 30,32;
sidechain 0.2;
color yellow;

Tube representation of the same protein.

Strands representation. Rasmol like.




Crude surface rendering

Medium surface rendering

Accurate surface rendering

Topquality surface rendering




Spacefill rendering of a porine (PDB 1osm). Atoms are colord by CPK.

Spacefill rendering of a porine( PDB 1osm). Atoms are colored by B-factor and a topquality mesh is drawn on top. The mesh is colored white. The mesh was created by the commands:

with pdb1osm;
select *;
color white;
mesh topquality;

Cross-eyed stereo representation. Here tetrameric haemoglobin (PDB 1hba) with only 2 monomers displayed.

Cross-eyed stereo representation of a topquality surface colored by the electrostatic potential.

with 1hba;
select *;
surface topquality;
color surface atoms;