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wTSA-CRAFT Description :

Thermal Shift Assay - analysis software :

This server provides a user-friendly interface to TSA-CRAFT software developed by Po-Hsien Lee et al,. (Lee P-H, Huang XX, Teh BT, Ng L-M. TSA-CRAFT: A Free Software for Automatic and Robust Thermal Shift Assay Data Analysis. SLAS DISCOVERY: Advancing the Science of Drug Discovery. 2019;24(5):606-612.
doi: 10.1177/2472555218823547)

Access to source code : https://sourceforge.net/projects/tsa-craft
TSA_Craft Manual : Here

Usage :

I. Screening Name : Enter your project name

II. Input section :
-> Thermal Shift Data : CSV file containing wells assays data
-> Annotation Wells csv : Annotation about wells

III. Choose desired options

IV. Press "Launch !"

TSA - Analysis from Screening Name :   

TSA-Craft input section :

Thermal Shift Assay csv :

Well Annotation csv :

Wells Graph Combination :

Raw qPCR outputs data to TSA input files From RAW data, generates valid TSA CSV input :